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--   http://anggtwu.net/SUBTITLES/2021-org-for-non-users.lua
--          (find-angg "SUBTITLES/2021-org-for-non-users.lua")
-- Author: Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
-- (defun st () (interactive) (find-angg "SUBTITLES/2021-org-for-non-users.lua"))
-- Skel: (find-editeevsubtitles-links-1 "2021orgfornonusers")
-- I use the code below to generate the subtitles in .vtt.
-- (find-1stclassvideo-links      "2021orgfornonusers")
-- (find-yttranscript-links       "2021orgfornonusers" "Eh5Wz9Vh_XM")
-- (find-editeevsubtitles-links-1 "2021orgfornonusers")
-- (find-efunction 'find-editeevsubtitles-links-1)

ee_dofile "~/LUA/Subtitles.lua" -- (find-angg "LUA/Subtitles.lua")

-- (find-angg "LUA/Subtitles.lua")

** Run the .lua and tell it to
** write the .vtt - by default in /tmp/
* (eepitch-lua51)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-lua51)
dofile "2021-org-for-non-users.lua"
sts = Subtitles.fromsexps(subs_bigstr):addtime("16:36")
-- sts.lang = "pt-BR"
= sts
outfname = "$S/http/anggtwu.net/eev-videos/2021-org-for-non-users.vtt"
outfname =                           "/tmp/2021-org-for-non-users.vtt"
out = sts:vtt().."\n\n"
ee_writefile(outfname, out)
-- (find-fline                       "/tmp/2021-org-for-non-users.vtt")

** Test the .vtt
** (find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "0:00")

** Select /tmp/ or ee-eevvideosdir
** (find-eevvideosfile "")
** (find-eevvideosfile ""   "2021-org-for-non-users.mp4")
** (find-eevvideossh0 "cp -v 2021-org-for-non-users.mp4 /tmp/")
** (code-video "2021orgfornonusersvideo"                           "/tmp/2021-org-for-non-users.mp4")
** (code-video "2021orgfornonusersvideo" "$S/http/anggtwu.net/eev-videos/2021-org-for-non-users.mp4")
** (find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "0:00")

** Upload the 2021-org-for-non-users.vtt
** to http://anggtwu.net/eev-videos/
* (eepitch-shell)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-shell)
cd /tmp/
Scp-np 2021-org-for-non-users.vtt $TWUP/eev-videos/
Scp-np 2021-org-for-non-users.vtt $TWUS/eev-videos/

** Upload the subtitles to youtube
** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh5Wz9Vh_XM

** Check that the "psne subtitles" thing works
** (find-1stclassvideo-links "2021orgfornonusers")


subs_bigstr = [==[
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:00" "Hi! My name is Eduardo Ochs...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:03" "I'm the author of an Emacs package called")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:06" "eev, and the title of this video is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:09" "\"Org for non-users\". Let me explain what")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:11" "I mean by this.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:13" "To make a long story short, or")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:15" "actually to make two long stories short...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:18" "in 2021 I finally understood why I've")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:22" "always found Org mode so hard to learn.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:25" "And it turns out that the documentation")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:28" "of Org is written for \"users\",")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:31" "and I realized that I'm a very bad \"user\".")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:34" "I'm going to define this thing soon.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:36" "I'm a \"non-user\" in a sense that I'm")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:39" "also going to define soon.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:42" "i also found that i can use eev -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:45" "my package - to write the documentation for")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:47" "Org that I need...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:49" "and the technique")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:51" "that i'm going to explain here _may_ be")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:53" "useful to other non-users like me.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "00:57" "I also found something that I found")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:00" "really weird...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:02" "let me let me explain. The main intent")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:04" "of eev is to let you \"take executable")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:07" "notes of everything that you do\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:10" "and \"taking executable notes\" has one")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:13" "part that everyone understands, which is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:16" "to \"save all commands that you send to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:18" "external programs\" - usually REPLs -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:22" "and it has a part that is much harder to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:26" "learn, which is to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:28" "\"save elisp hyperlinks to everything")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:31" "interesting that you find\"...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:34" "and I discovered that this part is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:36" "much harder than than I thought...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:39" "it was totally natural for me when I")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:41" "started using Emacs, I started doing that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:43" "immediately...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:45" "but I discovered that most people can't")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:47" "even imagine how is the workflow of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:49" "someone who works")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:52" "like this, and so i'm working on a way to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:56" "make this easier to understand...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "01:59" "I'm writing a tutorial about this - it's")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:01" "called `(find-saving-links-intro)' -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:03" "let me show just the initial page")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:06" "of this tutorial... it starts")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:09" "with a section named")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:11" "\"Reading diagrams aloud\", but")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:13" "this is not important to us now...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:17" "so now let me explain what are \"users\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:20" "and \"non-users\",")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:23" "and let me use one feature of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:26" "Org mode, called \"code blocks\",")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:28" "or \"source blocks\", as an example.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:33" "If a \"user\" wants to learn how to use code")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:35" "blocks in Org then the \"user\" is probably")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:38" "going to need to learn what are the key")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:40" "sequences, what are the main examples -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:44" "or some examples - and the \"user\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:46" "does not want to see the source code...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:51" "and a \"non-user\" is going to think in a")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:53" "way that is very different. A \"non-user\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:56" "needs to have a clear mental image of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "02:58" "what is going on behind the scenes...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:01" "so a \"non-user\" is going to ask questions")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:05" "like: how does Org handle code blocks")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:08" "_internally_?")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:10" "What are the data structures that it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:12" "uses?")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:14" "What is the source code like? What are")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:16" "the functions? How is it structured?")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:20" "And a \"non-user\" is also going to need")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:24" "repeatable tests, that can be")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:26" "executed either unchanged or with little")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:29" "changes, to check what is going on.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:34" "So let me start with an example...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:41" "this thing here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:46" "no, let me use a smaller font here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:49" "this thing here is a source block")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:52" "containing shell code. Actually it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:54" "contains lots of comments and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:56" "just this line here of non-trivial shell")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "03:58" "code... and we can run a code block by")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:02" "putting the cursor - the point - inside")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:05" "the code block and typing `C-c C-c'.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:09" "If I do that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:11" "what happens is that Org creates")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:14" "a second block here called \"results\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:17" "with the result of this command here")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:18" "formatted in a certain way, as columns...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:21" "Let me undo this.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:26" "It turns out that typing `C-c C-c'")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:29" "executes this function here,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:32" "`org-babel-execute-src-block'...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:34" "so executing this sexp is equivalent to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:37" "typing `C-c C-c'...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:39" "(undo again)")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:41" "and I can learn more about `C-c C-c'")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:45" "in Org mode by running this key sequence")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:47" "here: `M-h M-k', which is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:51" "a key sequence for help on keys on eev...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:54" "and if I run this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "04:58" "I get this temporary buffer with lots of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:01" "elisp hyperlinks...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:03" "and in these notes here I've selected")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:05" "some of these elisp hyperlinks -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:08" "these two -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:09" "and I've just indented them a bit.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:14" "So I took these two hyperlinks here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:19" "and copied to my notes and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:21" "indented them.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:23" "This one")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:24" "shows the description of this function,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:27" "which is this...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:29" "the description is quite long because")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:31" "the effects of this function depends on")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:33" "the context...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:36" "one of these things here -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:40" "the last one - says: if the cursor is on a")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:43" "code block, evaluate it.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:45" "And blah blah blah blah blah blah...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:49" "I had to set this thing here to nil")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:52" "to make Org")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:54" "stop asking me every time if I want")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "05:57" "to evaluate this thing or not...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:01" "and Org also has a key sequence for")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:08" "removing the results block")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:11" "this key sequence is `C-c C-v k'.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:16" "I can get a lot of help about...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:18" "sorry, lots of elisp hyperlinks about")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:20" "this key sequence by running this sexp")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:22" "here... and I've also")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:26" "selected these ones...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:29" "sorry, these ones here -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:32" "and copied them to the other buffer, and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:34" "indented them a bit...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:39" "so this sexp here")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:44" "shows a description of this function")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:48" "and this sexp here shows the source code")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:51" "of this function - it is here.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:54" "So by executing this I can")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "06:58" "see what are the names of the functions")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:00" "that do most of the work - because this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:02" "function is quite simple, so it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:07" "essentially calls other functions to do")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:11" "practically everything.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:14" "And I also wanted to understand")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:16" "what the data structures associated")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:20" "to a code block, because I knew that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:23" "when Org did use the code block")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:25" "it had to be done in two parts...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:28" "one part was parsing")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:29" "the code block and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:31" "representing it internally in a certain")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:33" "way,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:34" "that I imagined that would include")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:38" "information about this,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:40" "information about the beginning and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:42" "the end of the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:44" "of the code block in this buffer,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:46" "and so on...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:48" "so I asked on IRC what is the function")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:51" "that does this parsing, and people")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:53" "pointed me to a function called")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:56" "`org-element-context',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "07:58" "and if I execute it here")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:01" "I get a result that is too big - it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:03" "doesn't fit very well in the echo area.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:06" "So let me use one of my favorite")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:08" "pretty-printing functions")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:10" "to take a look at this...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:14" "it's not very pretty.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:16" "So... I can see")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:17" "that the important part is here,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:20" "so I have to discard this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:22" "initial part...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:24" "if I take the cadr of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:28" "the result of this I get the part that is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:30" "most interesting - this one here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:32" "and I can use this variant")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:35" "of my favorite pretty printing function")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:37" "to print it in a better way.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:40" "So, if I execute this I can see")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:44" "the keywords and their values...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:48" "and, for example, suppose that I want to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:51" "understand what are these numbers here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:55" "one thing that I can do is that I can...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "08:59" "well, let me take the result of this and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:03" "and put it in a variable called p...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:07" "and p now holds a property list")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:10" "and I can use plist-get to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:13" "get the value of the field :begin,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:17" "and this other plist-get here to get")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:22" "the value of the field :end...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:26" "and I can use the function of eev")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:29" "that does these highlightings")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:31" "to highlight what is the region between")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:34" "the value of the field :begin")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:37" "and the value of the field :end,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:41" "and when I run this I see something")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:43" "funny...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:46" "this region includes these blank")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:49" "lines here.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:51" "So:")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:54" "I can use this thing here to understand")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:56" "the data structures, and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "09:58" "then I can find some")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:02" "non-trivial information here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:08" "I'm just going to show another thing")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:10" "that can be done with source blocks,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:12" "and what I discovered")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:14" "about the source code, which is...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:16" "we can create a source block")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:19" "by hand, by typing this #+BEGIN thing")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:21" "and this #+END thing by hand,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:23" "but there's")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:26" "a way to type that more quickly.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:29" "It is described in this node of the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:32" "Org manual, called \"Structure Templates\",")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:35" "and it explains that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:37" "if I type `C-c C-,'")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:41" "and then one of these letters here")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:44" "I get these blocks...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:46" "so `s' is the one that I want,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:50" "and if I type `C-c C-,'...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:55" "there's some help here -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "10:57" "so I can type `s',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:00" "and I get a source block.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:04" "Here i can put \"shell\" or \"python\"")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:06" "or wherever, any supported language...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:11" "and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:12" "of course I want to know how this is")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:14" "implemented, how this can be extended to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:17" "other languages, and so on...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:19" "so the first thing that I did was that I")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:22" "used my key sequence for")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:25" "getting help on key sequences,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:28" "which is `M-h M-k',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:32" "I used it to get help on `C-c C-,'...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:36" "let me try it here... `M-h M-k C-c C-,'")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:45" "I get this thing here -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:47" "and I selected")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:49" "these two sexps, and copied them to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:52" "my notes - I got these ones here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:55" "and so this one points to...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "11:59" "the target of this sexp here is the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:01" "description of this function,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:03" "which is this thing here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:06" "\"Insert a block structure of the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:08" "type blah blah blah")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:09" "#+begin_foo/#+end_foo\"...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:11" "and then it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:13" "says some more technical things here...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:16" "and I can use this sexp here to go")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:19" "straight to its source code...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:22" "I mean, I can use this, and I can")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:25" "click in this button here, but I prefer")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:28" "to have a link that points straight to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:30" "the source code, and it's this one...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:34" "and so I can read these things here to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:36" "understand what is going on,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:40" "which variables it uses, and so on...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:43" "and it turns out that this thing uses a")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:46" "variable called")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:48" "`org-structure-template-alist',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:51" "and if I...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:54" "I can get help on this variable")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "12:57" "by typing `M-h M-v' - I get a buffer")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:00" "with elisp hyperlinks, like this...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:02" "and what I did was that I generated a")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:05" "buffer like this, and selected some of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:07" "the most interesting hyperlinks, and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:09" "copied them to my notes... here -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:15" "so one of them is this `find-evardescr',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:18" "that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:20" "opens the description of this variable...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:24" "just let me show that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:26" "it appears here... usually people")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:31" "would use `describe-variable',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:33" "but when we execute it as a sexp")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:36" "it returns a big return value, here, that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:40" "messes up my screen... so I prefer to use")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:43" "this variant here - `find-evardescr'.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:49" "So, yeah -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:50" "with this I can get a description of this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:55" "variable")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:57" "that's a bit more technical than the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "13:58" "description in the")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:00" "manual of Org...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:03" "and here it shows the current value of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:06" "this variable.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:10" "I can use...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:12" "actually when I was looking at this I")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:14" "discovered that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:18" "there was something interesting here, and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:19" "I can could point to this something")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:21" "interesting by refining this hyperlink")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:24" "and making it search for this string")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:26" "in the description...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:28" "so this link")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:31" "opens this description of the variable")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:33" "and searches for the first occurrence of")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:35" "the string \"src\"...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:39" "and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:42" "I can also run this sexp here to go to")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:45" "the place in the source code")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:48" "in which this variable is defined... it's")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:50" "defined with a `defcustom'... here")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:53" "is its")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:54" "initial value,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:57" "here is its description, here's how it")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "14:59" "can be customized, and so on...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:03" "and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:06" "this is just a reminder that I can create")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:09" "source blocks by typing something")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:12" "like this... I think that I've used that")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:13" "before -")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:16" "if I type `C-c C-, s'")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:21" "I get a")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:22" "source block that can I edit by hand, and")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:26" "this is an example of a source block")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:28" "created in that way, with some")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:32" "non-trivial shell commands here, inside...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:38" "Yeah, that's it - that's what I")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:40" "wanted to show. Oh, no, no - just one thing")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:42" "more...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:45" "by default when I type `M-e' on")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:49" "a sexp the `M-e' opens the target")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:52" "of the sexp in the same window...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:55" "so if I execute this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "15:57" "I open the description of this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:00" "function in the same window, but if I")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:03" "execute it... if execute `M-e' with")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:07" "the prefix 3, I mean, if I type `M-3 M-e',")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:11" "or `M-2 M-e', I display")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:14" "the target in the right window,")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:16" "and this is practical because then I can")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:19" "show all these targets")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:21" "very quickly - here.")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:29" "Yeah! So, that's it...")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:31" "that's what I wanted to show in this")
(find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "16:33" "video. Bye! =)")

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