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# inc.tcl: a file that is "included" by many of my scripts.
# The usual line used to include this is:
#   source $env(HOME)/TCL/inc.tcl ;# (find-angg "TCL/inc.tcl")

proc readfile {fname} {
  set f [open $fname r]; set s [read $f]; close $f
  return $s
proc writefile {fname s} {
  set f [open $fname w]; puts -nonewline $f $s; close $f

proc ord {c} { scan $c %c n; return $n }
proc char {n} { format %c $n }

proc ?= {varname args} {
  global env $varname
  set $varname [
    expr {[info exists env($varname)] ? $env($varname) : [join $args]}

proc putstr {str} {
  puts -nonewline $str
  flush stdout