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As rborges' much-referred "loadlib" didn't work with Lua 4.0 I decided
to write my own...

I have added the following files to the Debian source package (that
already had Reuben Thomas' regexps+bitops patch, and minimal
debianization stuff):

  README.loadlib      this file
  src/lib/lloadlib.c  the "loadlib" function for Lua
  loadlib.patch       the patch that makes lualib include lloadlib.c

The patch "loadlib.patch" is not applied by default because 1) the
code is just a quick hack, and 2) it makes people have to add "-ldl"
to their options to the linker when they link against lualib, and so
it would make some scripts break.
A minimal example of how to build a .deb of Lua applying the loadlib
patch can be found at:

  (find-es "lua" "fetching_the_debs")
  (find-es "lua" "lua-4.0_debs")

Eduardo Ochs <http://angg.twu.net/>,
2001feb25; public domain.